Hey guys! I relocated to HERE.

I am going to leave this blog in place purely for archive purposes. Since I'm sentimental like that. But come follow me on my new Katherine and we can plot!


Hey guys! Just coming on to say I relocated, put I will be leaving this blog up because I can’t let go of all my para’s and threads here.

Most of my verses have carried over to my new blog, so I’m going to link all old para’s to the new blog. (because I like to go reread them and see how my beautiful verses developed so beautifully and get sentimental.)


Come follow me and we can plot!

Anonymous said: what will you do if kat dies?

To be honest I can’t even think about it right now. My muse has already been sketchy and I think if she does die, and depending on how and for what reason, I am scared I will loose her all together,

In my mind I always knew they would kill her off at some point.

But I always said it was going to because for the first time in her life she was going to sacrafice herself to save someone else. AKA Damon, Stefan or both.

It would make the three of them come full circle considering they both died for her, and they both also think she never loved either of them.

It would give closure to that love triangle in essence.

But with that new spoiler, I think there going to kill her off in a way that doesn’t do her any justice, or gives her any kind of closure.

And that will piss me off, and turn me off to canon (not that I’m not already) but..

I will be devastated either way nonnie. But my true reaction and what I’ll do depends on the how and why.

‘an epic confrontation with Katherine’

soooo, in other words—kat’s finally gonna get her freedom. and then elena’s gonna kill her. -.-


I love you, Stefan. We’ll be together again. I promise.


katherine pierce: come on

"Take care of yourself, Katherine." requested by anonymous