Hey guys! I relocated to HERE.

I am going to leave this blog in place purely for archive purposes. Since I'm sentimental like that. But come follow me on my new Katherine and we can plot!

Far From Home {Verity & Katherine}

Boredom, that was something Katherine hadn’t been in a long time. But here she was shifting on the couch, flipping through the channels on the television, with a sigh. Giving up she turned it off throwing the remote on the coffee table. Damon was no where to be found, and that seemed like the running theme the past few days, since there little tiff. She was over it, been over it, not caring, he obviously, wasn’t and did.

Getting up from the couch, she flipped on the cd player, blasting the music as loud as she could. Maybe it was an attempt to get attention from anyone, she couldn’t tell, because it didn’t matter even if it was.  She started to move her body to the loud beat to the music as she made her way into the kitchen.

She was hungry, and although she rather tap a vein, she settled for a blood bag for now. Hopping up on the counter, she ripped open the bag and poured it into a glass, reaching over to put it in the microwave. Thirty seconds that should do the trick.

Katherine reached into her back jean pocket and took out her cell phone, scrolling through all the names in her address book. Who to bother, she mused to herself in a sing song voice. Opening the microwave as it beeped, she took the glass from inside, finally settling on a name, she hit the send button.